Windows updating hack

06-Jul-2019 11:13

For Okino, it occurred on multiple occasions after upgrading some of our machines from Windows 2K3 to 2K8 server or from XP to Windows 7, and then upgrading/re-installing Microsoft products or components (Visual Studio and MSXML4 in our case).

It is generally a simple matter to fix, once you know how.

Please use this information at your own discretion.

When installing or un-installing Microsoft Windows component technologies on Windows Vista/Seven/Win2K8-Server (or newer) you may encounter a message box similar to "Error 1402.

We have seen this problem posted in many forums but the simple solution we outline below which has not been properly documented as we have done so here.

The error is generally caused by insufficient or incorrect permissions on the named registry keys, or parent container of such registry keys.

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On Windows XP 32bit the patcher will run, as expected.

Addon: 2.23b fixes a small bug processing a registry key correctly Lvl Lord After a first malfunctioning version 2.21, here a new one. Itanium 64 Windows 64-files will be recognized, but cannot be patched yet due to missing files for testing. send them to me ;-)In addtion the installation of the new TCPIP. Eventually interfering files will now be renamed (after query). A temporaray solution for manual installation will display the patcher.

On the 64-bit OS's, there is a problem detecting the original TCPIP. Lvl Lord After a short time out new news from the front.

Addon: Even when the program calls itself version 2.11a, it is 2.12.

I'm currently working on other things so that I don't have that much time now.For Windows XP versions before SP2 the system was recognised as SP2 RC1.