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"Creator Shonda Rhimes shared a statement the evening of the finale of her own, wishing Ramirez well and reminding her, as well as the fans, that the actress would always have a home at Shondaland.

However, over the weekend, the showrunner admitted that Callie's final scene—in which Arizona showed up at her doorstep with two plane tickets to New York to follow girlfriend Penny (Samantha Sloyan) and a promise to find a custody arrangement that would let Callie move across the country—wasn't intended to be the end.

“Jessica saw that I enjoyed what I did,” says Capshaw, 50, who has appeared in three films with her, “and that it wasn’t so difficult a life.” For Jessica, it has been an eclectic one.

Her parents split up when she was 3, and she spent the next 11 years shuttling among her dad in New York City, her mom in L. (where Kate, then a model, began to spread her wings as an actress) and her paternal grandmother in Chaffee, Mo.

season 12 finale now that Sara Ramirez has chosen to take off Callie's scrubs for good, but at least we know that things behind the scenes on set between the actors were never as acrimonious as they'd become for their characters.

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“She even gets depressed when she’s not in the script very much, while the rest of us are grateful for a few days off.

We were going into our seventh season when Jessica joined us, and when you’re on a show this long, you get cranky.

We really needed her young spirit.” Capshaw, who knits scarves on the set when she’s not chatting away with the crew, pleads guilty to first-degree perkiness.

“I open up all my scripts like it’s Christmas morning,” she says.

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