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07-Aug-2019 11:14

My parents were very passionate about country music. It’s so exciting to be out there with my fans, face to face. Eric and the kids were with me most of the time, but I spent some time touring alone, to give the kids a break.The majority of the music that I grew up listening to was country music. MT: Is it easier for you to focus when your family isn’t with you? I’m still breastfeeding, which can be very exhausting.“I really think he’s gonna have a hard time,” Jessie, 29, predicts of her husband’s reaction when the time comes that their 3½-year-old daughter Vivianne “Vivi” Rose starts dating.“Even if a guy looks at me, he gets really angry,” the country singer explains.Then when little man was born I knew what to expect. MT: Were you more at peace with having a C-Section when Eric Jr. Yes, because I knew it was going to happen, so his birth wasn’t traumatic at all.I knew I would feel the same crazy love and I felt way more together. I have a pretty small frame and I have huge babies. I don’t know if I could marry someone who didn’t come off that way. I feel like both parents should equally take care of their children.tour, but country singer-songwriter Jessie James Decker, 27, isn’t slowing down: Her latest collection of swimsuits will hit stores in May as part of her swimwear line, Jessie James Decker for Amore and Sorvete, and she’s working on a new hair perfume for fave4.(She also has her own line of clothing and accessories, Kittenish with Kora Rae.) When she’s not working, she’s chasing after Vivianne, 2, and Eric Jr., 1, her children with husband Eric Decker, a New York Jets wide receiver.

I like to keep things as down to earth as possible.He puts his foot down.” series is “even harder now” that they have two children under the age of 4 and another on the way.(Eric Thomas II, whom the spouses affectionately refer to as Bubby, is 2.) “Filming a reality show, I would say, is equivalent [to] the amount of work in filming a sitcom,” she says.“You still have the, ‘Lights, camera, action,’ the camera crew, the producers.” “You have everything, and it’s in your space — you’re not going to a studio and then getting to leave,” adds the “Lights Down Low” singer.

“So it is a bit of a process, but everyone was really respectful, so that was good.” RELATED: Jessie James Decker on Expanding Her Family with Eric Decker: “We’re Not Doing Anything Not to Have More Kids” Big question: Is Vivi more of a Mommy’s girl or a Daddy’s girl? She is like, ‘Daddy, I need my mommy.’ ” “Whenever I’ve already kissed her goodnight and put her to bed, then Daddy’ll go up and do the same thing.

I think I was very, very overwhelmed and unfamiliar with how in love I would be and I freaked out. I didn’t want anybody comparing themselves to that picture, because I felt that it was misleading and I didn’t want to mislead anybody. Then she got stuck, so they had to rush and deliver her by C-Section. I had the blues over my delivery for a couple of weeks.