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Based in Toronto, specializing in antiques and fine art. All manner of paintings, silver, porcelain and glass, books, furniture, militaria, jewellery, chinese and japanese antiques and more... RONDA BLY ESTATE & MOVING SALES CERTIFIED APPRAISER MEMBER OF THE CANADIAN PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISERS GROUP EXPERT EVALUATIONS FULL PROFESSIONAL SETUPS COMPLETE CLEANUP AVAILABLE WE BUY CANADIAN PAINTINGS CONTACT: (514) 236-4159 WWW. Based in Toronto, specializing in antiques and fine art. All manner of paintings, silver, porcelain and glass, books, furniture, militaria, jewellery, chinese and japanese antiques and more... Gertrude (Mc Caskin) Slavens, lower right, with a group of picnicers. Betty Woods Slaven, wife of Absalom Slaven, was born in June 1814 and died in 1903. His sisters were Mary Ann, Sarah Ellen, Caroline Virginia, Martha Adeline, and Lucy Priscilla. Also pictured is her husband Pinckney Kilgore and son Albert. Margaret Montgomery, Katherine Hooper, and Nancy Waddell Slaven, daughters of Lant and Rowena Slaven, in 1933. Abner was born in Tennessee in 1827, Harriet in 1856. Pinckney and Harriet Slavens Kilgore and family, ca. Sue Thomas has contributed a couple photos of Garnet Cosby Slaven of Oak Hill, West Virginia. Carol Slavens and husband Bill visited an old Slavens homestead recently, that of Reuben Slavens in rural Pike County, Ohio. Jim Slavin has shared some photos from his family line. Thanks to Luke Slavens for sharing the photo, the only one I've seen of William and Adeline, my great-grandparents! Luke Slavens also shared other photos from his branch of the family. There was only a 2 1/2 year age difference between Tide and Marie Slavens's oldest children, so this may be their two younger children, Roy and Donald, who were born in 19 respectively. Many thanks to Lawrence's granddaughter Catherince Payne for sharing the information and photo! Jim Guthrie shares a scan of a childhood portrait of Queen, a daughter of William H. The link to a later photo of Queen and her sister Jessie can be found elsewhere on this page. William was another son of Martha (Slaven) Cochran, who is pictured in a couple photos below. Dawn Kerwin shared another photo of William and Temperance Cochran, this one taken around 1940 at their home near Shepherd, Michigan. James and Rachael, as well as their children, were born in Scotland and came to America in the late 1880s. I picked up this photo on Ebay of a couple who married in Iowa in 1905 and moved to California. This photo shows her grandmother, Martha (Slaven) Cochran, and father Fred Cochran in the World War I time period at their home in St. Martha a daughter of William and Nancy (Cline) Slaven, was born in Jackson County, (West) Virginia in July 1855, and married Winfield Scott Cochran in Ravenswood, West Virginia. Pictured are siblings Quincy, Mitchell, Luther, Ora, Letha, Charles William, and Florence Slaven, and their father John Alvin Slaven. He was also the father of Andrews Raider Samuel Slavens. Elizabeth was a daughter of Charles and Margaret (Mc Clure) Slavens, and a sister of Andrews Raider Samuel Slavens. She is pictured with her daughter Fanny Noel Arnold at her home in the wilds of Washington County, Missouri, near Richwoods. Roy and Mabel Slaven property, near Monterey, Virginia.

B." and Sarah Savannah (Smith) Slaven and their children, Tollie, Beatrice, Wilbert, Inas, Nova and Nancy, in a photo taken at an unknown date in Oneida, Tennessee. Wolford Slaven, wife, Flora, and children Guy, Beulah, Thelma and Le Roy in a portrait taken in Grinnell, Iowa, in 1920. David Slavin of Syracuse, New York apparently ran afoul of the law in 1896. Thomas and Drusilla (Smith) Slavens are believed to be the older couple front and center in this large group photo. Sarah was a daughter of Lois Slaven and Ervin "Dick" Foster. Pioneer Missouri minister and physician James Hervey Slavens was a son of William Stuart Slavens. A link to Luther's autobiography is on the "Bios" page. Many thanks to James Guthrie for sharing the photo! Livvia Jackson Elsberry Slavens, pictured circa 1879, was the wife of Jeff Slavens.

Queen and Jessie Slavens Queen and Jessie Slavens were the daughters of William H. "Penny Lane" barber shop John Slavin of Glasgow sent this clipping from of Glasgow. In his later life, Garnet was a teacher for many years, at Oak Hill and at West Virginia Tech, and a civil engineer. He was born and raised in Oak Hill, WV, and as an adult was a civil engineer. John was the son of Samuel Slavens of Pike County, Ohio, one of the infamous "Andrews' Raiders" who was hung by the Confederates in 1862. They visited the Slavens Cemetery, located on the property, took photographs of the farmstead, and of a family Bible and of some old family photos. Note the child on the front steps near the middle of the porch. Bill and Carol Slavens stand on the front steps, all that remains of the home pictured above. Newer farm buildings at the former Reuben Slavens farm. Harriet (Slavens) Thomas, daughter of Reuben and Harriet (Rader) Slavens, in August 1964. Clarissa (Slavens) Leist, daughter of Reuben and Harriet (Rader) Slavens, in an undated photo. Another of Elizabeth's brothers, Reuben, found and buried Peters' body. Edward Slevin of New York City's 12 precinct is pictured in an 1888 tobacco card. Brothers Willis (left) and Jed Owen Slavens (right) are pictured with Jed's son Arthur (center) around 1913-18. They are George, Noah, Riley, Homer, Jesse, and Arthur. Pictured are Eddie D., Estlyn Pearl, Alma Plante, Walter Slavens, Darline Slavens, Donia (Slavens) Pearl, Fletcher Slavens, Erma (Peak) Slavens, Sallie (Slavens) Plante, Edwin Drake Slavens, John Plante, Everett Pearl, and Anna Slavens. The home, in the distance, was built by the current owners to replace the Slaven's house. Four generations of the Elias "Shack" and Sealy Milligan Slaven family gathered for this photo in late 1916 or early 1917.

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