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There were 6 of us in total, 2 boys, Cameron and Buzz, and 4 girls, me, Dannii, Gaby and Samantha.

my friends and I finally got round to having our cottage holiday.

all the time i kept an eye on him, making sure he wasnt waking due to the sudden change in temperature.

when i was happy he was still asleep i reached straight for his crotch and gently took out his flaccid cock.

after another check i lowered my head and started to lick his cock before popping it fully into my mouth.

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as you can probably tell, there was a sensible camp and a few leading each other astray.i told him it was probably trying to keep up with me and it was just too much alcohol making him queasy. he knew everyone would think it odd so he planned 1 vodka and then pretend vodka the rest of the night.