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The next day, at school, he was introduced to Veronica Lodge.It was then that he informed her on the social scene of Riverdale.All the talk about death led to his next suggestion, of binge-watching "Making a Murderer" on "Netflix".Unfortunately, Betty has to work on the paper, and Veronica has a date.It has been implied his mother doesn't live with them anymore.Kevin assisted Betty, while she prepared for her outing with Archie, in which she would finally reveal her true feelings towards him.Reggie wondered what they were doing down by the river, and if being the Sheriff's son gave him a free pass. After attending the Pep Rally the prior night, Kevin watched as his father and Mr.Weatherbee entered the classroom for Cheryl, who claimed that she was guilty, though they had no idea of what she was guilty of.

Just as Kevin looked out Betty's window, he made a shocking discovery, "Archie got hot", he proclaimed.However, Betty stormed off in tears soon thereafter, with Archie chasing after her.The next day in the student lounge, he and Moose were confronted by Reggie, who was outraged that he was being considered a suspect in Jason's death despite Kevin and Moose finding the body.Kevin states that he doesn't even think Moose knows what's going on with himself.

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Although sexuality is fluid, and he was admittedly handsome in a classic, pre-accident Montgomery Clift kind of way, Kevin questioned if someone named Moose could actually be that fluid. Of course, she did, she was a big city girl with loose morals, Kevin said, though he instantly regretted saying it afterward.

After being propositioned in the bathroom by Moose Mason at the Semi-formal, Kevin immediately alerted Betty.