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27-May-2019 01:46

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Instead I can add some logic to the expression scriptblock.

I’m using a simple regular expression pattern for an IPv4 address.

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By wrapping that command in parentheses, I’m telling Power Shell to run that command first, which will result in an object.

That object I already know from using Get-Member has an IPv4Address.

If Windows update is going to constantly revert my system back to before the changes I made then Windows Update will be have to be cut off. If I wanted adds popping up on my computer, I would download viruses. It regularly spams me with notifications to try Office 365. Beyond that it is terrible that I cannot purchase it outright and instead have to subscribe. There's really nothing this app does other than bother you when you are using an older version of Office. Microsoft and other PC makers have long been accused installing bloatware, but this one hardly has any legitimate use whatsoever.

I have purchased office 2013 and it has worked well for me. When I needed to buy it on a new computer, I saved up, paid the cash, and used what really is a very versatile, powerful and valuable set of workplace and personal tools. It seems to appear after every single update, like a virus! But now 15-30 years later, are we stuck with a bunch of tear downs?

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