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Bcuz I've tried to update it, and it gave me a notice that something went wrong while trying to install the update. Folks, if you run Windows Update you will see there's an update to Windows Update itself. It changes the URL used by Windows Update, to prevent problems that could be introduced by trojan malware such as Flame.From the secret files of Teletraan II: Ultra Magnus is the most mature spokesman for the Autobot cause. And he is so loved by his fellow Autobots that Wheelie and Daniel traveled millions of miles to the Autobot records asteroid, just so they could find out Ultra Magnus's birthday.Thankfully, Ultra Magnus was soon repaired by the native Junkions after they befriended the Autobots.Magnus joined the other Autobots in the battle with Unicron on Cybertron and helped drive the last of the Decepticons from their home planet.Magnus’s leadership did not get off to an easy start, when reports came in from the Autobots stationed on Cybertron’s moons of Unicron, a monster planet that was in the process of consuming them.Magnus quickly arranged for the Autobots to head to Cybertron aboard two shuttles, but as they were preparing to depart, they were attacked by Decepticon forces led by Galvatron, the reformated Megatron.

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He knows he's more powerful than the average Autobot, and will throw himself at larger threats accordingly.

He always thinks first of the welfare of his fellow Autobots and his mission.

Ultra Magnus feels he is a soldier and nothing more.

In his vehicle mode, Ultra Magnus is an armored transport truck, a machine with magnificent fighting skills.

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His enemies, the Decepticons, respect his courage, but most of all, they fear Ultra Magnus's spirit of self-sacrifice.

Serving as commander of Autobot City, Ultra Magnus directed the Autobots' counterattack when the city came under attack from Megatron and the Decepticons in the year 2005.