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29-Jun-2019 16:09

Recently I found that no programs were scheduled for recording on my Media PC.

This is pretty much unheard of in my household so this started ringing some alarm bells.

I found an existing discussion on this topic at https://connect.microsoft.com/site1145/Feedback/Details/1573972.

From discussions on this thread and recommendations from ewtaylo1 (huge thanks!

Open ELEC provides a complete media center software suite that comes with a pre-configured version of Kodi and third-party addons with retro video game console emulators and DVR plugins.

Open ELEC is an extremely small and very fast-booting Linux based distribution, primarily designed to boot from flash memory card such as Compact Flash or a solid-state drive, similar to that of the XBMCbuntu (formerly XBMC Live) distribution but specifically targeted to a minimum set-top box hardware setup based on an ARM So Cs or Intel x86 processor and graphics.

And since version 6, x86 builds are deprecated too.

UPDATE: 7/30/2015: If the instructions above do not work for you, see the comments from Marcus and Willow below for a second approach which is reporting success.

Since 2011, the Open ELEC team usually releases a new major version, following the Kodi release schedule.

Since 2014, specifics builds supporting a set of Graphics/GPU chipsets (ION, Fusion, Intel,...) are deprecated.

On 5 February 2013, Open ELEC announced that they had jointly developed, with Arctic, a manufacturer of computer cooling systems based in Switzerland, a passively cooled entertainment system – the MC001 media centre, based on the Kodi 12 (Open ELEC 3.0) platform.

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They also announced plans to provide further builds for the ARCTIC MC001 systems on their next release.Click here to register to attend one of the classes and come learn about all the volunteer roles offered at the Center.

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