Spore updating content database

26-May-2019 12:04

Every non-randomized, non-customized text in the game will be "***", making space stage extremely difficult, because all other empires will say is "***".

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Last time I checked, it only happened when you died and then your pack member died This glitch occurs if you create a cell with asymmetrical features in cell stage, and then advance it creature stage.It is major because when you do roll over it, the entire editor turns black, and you can only see the grass in the background.You won't be able to see what you're doing except for the silohuette of what you're doing. I was playing Spore in the Creature Stage with the Dark Injection mod on and returned to my nest.From what I've heard, this actually seems to be a placeholder text similar to object event in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Cryptic Lynx (talk) , March 9, 2015 (UTC) Sometimes when you die after being attacked in the creature stage the sound of the attack plays over and over. Generally, on low-end computers/laptops, you may not be able to load previous files in the space stage, or start new ones.

This can happen normally with a low-end operating system.As soon as I finished the ones attacking the hut suddenly turned to the color Pink (the tribe I just befriended) and attacked each other.

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