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Awesome." - Jeff-the-one"ooh yeah….played this for like 2 hours….got about 20 kisses" - Danj"Thank you for putting in so many different kisses.Remember the excitement you had right before your first kiss?A new dating app wants to bring that feeling back by using a classic party game — spin the bottle — to get adult singles to meet in the online world.That's why we created Spin the Bottle." Most of us know what it feels like to arrive on a date, only to regret it five minutes later.That's why Matt believes the video connection works to your advantage, as you can get a good idea of what the person is like the first time you see them.

To be among the first to play, users may request beta invites here.

Spin the Bottle was one of those games that we were sceptical of playing, but took part in nonetheless.

Between the excitement and thrill of the game, most people ended up having an oul whale of a time. Spin the Bottle is the new exciting dating app which has recently been rolled out worldwide.

You don't know how they act, how they sound, or what their personality is like," Matt explained.

"As someone who has tried online dating myself, I've found that profiles and photos are often misleading and aren't the best representation of who the person really is.Swipe to give the bottle a spin and when it stops you'll enter into a 30-second live video speed date.