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“ It will flourish, if naturalists, chemists, antiquaries, philolo^ers, and men o( science, in different parts of Asia, will commit their observations to writinpr, 1 send them to the Asiatic ^lociety at Calcutta, It will languish if siich communications shall be long intermitted ; and it will die away if they shall entirely cease.”—Si K Wm. Curtius altogether omits notice of the Akesines or Chen^b.

103 Argentiferous Ores of Deogliur, Second Notice on tlie, . •, 71 Catalogue of Plants ftund in the Banda district, 1847-49. Notwithstanding all the errors marking the modern sanguinary and indecisive battle, the Sikhs were, to my certain knowledge, so beaten, that they had no thought of farther resistance, and if followed up next day by half our army would have been driven pellmell into the river.

That Alexander must have skirted the mountains of Huzara, the realm of Abisares, after his passage of the Indus. That the probabilities are in favour of his having followed the Jelum route to the Hydaspes. Jy, victory — lim, house, — the habitation or abode of victory ; which is just a translation of the Greek name Nikaia.

19" Law of Storms in the ludia^ and China Seas, A Tw'enty-ffrst Men air on the. If then ray arguments have not been in vain, I have shown — 1st.

Many were drowned in the panic attempt to ford the Hydaspes at Miani.

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Nearly the whole of the Sikh horse had disappeared. This, therefore, seems the more probable locality, and if so, the village Koolal may be derived from the Greek kw Xvw, to impede, (the place of impediment).* Ten miles above this is the promontory which appears to me that mentioned by Arrian as the point of embarkation.

Modelling Continental Margin Extension Using Combined Rigid/Deformable Plate Tectonic Reconstructions, A. Himalayan-Induced Deformation and Kinematics of the Arcuate Nature of the Trans-Indus Salt Range, Northwest Himalayas, Pakistan, Sajjad Ahmad, Irfan K. Physico-Chemical Controls on Source Rock in Offshore Indus — Comparative Study of Some Major Tertiary Deltas of the World, Syed Asif Ahsan, Rizwan Khan, Yasir Naveed, and Mudasar M. … continue reading »

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