Sexy chat now with aunty

24-May-2019 18:10

I was surprised when Carol appeared from the yard and was still here but she was ready for work and moments from leaving, I was bare chested and my tartan pj's did little to hide the semi hardness of my cock.

Uncle Jeff had gone off till Friday so we were alone for a few minutes, this excited and scared me at the same time "Help yourself to breakfast" Carol instructed "and I'll see you later around tea time", just before she spun away she smiled a big smile and looked down to my waist where I knew my cock was bulging "My, My" she giggled, "It looks like somebody's happy to see me!

Not only did I fantasise about my mother but I'd been spying on her now for at least 18 months and had on many occasions seen her in various stages of undress, in the bath and on a few occasions seen her totally naked and on fully glorious show..

So now its Monday morning, the sun shining bright through the curtains woke me and I trundled downstairs into the kitchen to get myself a drink and some breakfast.Gill and I had plans to explore and be out all day and mum and Carol were happy that we were old enough to look after ourselves, Aunty Carol would be at work all day anyway and uncle Jeff worked away all week so it was just going to be the three of us until the weekend with mum coming back on the Saturday of the end of the 2 weeks to stay over and take us home on the Sunday.