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Once a day take turns choosing at least one activity from your Passion Wheel to keep your relationship passionate. How can you make your partner understand that self-consciousness or shyness in bed isn't a response to something they've done or not done? Do you ever feel uncomfortable about taking the lead in the bedroom or about voicing a desire to your partner? Yes, the first step is to acknowledge what gets you into a juicy state of mind and then act upon those desires.So if listening to sexy music, taking a bubble bath, eating dark chocolate or having a glass of wine get you in the mood for love, do it.She’s very quiet, is one of the misfits of The Barden Bellas, and in the end, she becomes a beat-boxer, and she turns the whole group around, and they eventually win the ICCA’s -- HML: Well, it’s funny, when I went in for the audition, they asked if I was a beat-boxer, and I was like, whatttt?!

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And for some Smitten readers, that something is the hooking up that goes on between the sheets.

To let your partner know what you do like, create a Passion Wheel together.

Display your favorite dishes and bowls to add a bit of interest to the room.4. Think of small appliances as decorative accessories.… continue reading »

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