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03-Jul-2019 07:15

America exports more weapons to other countries than anyone else in the world.

America leads the world in money given to fake charities.

But the more I added to it, the less funny it looked, and the more like a train wreck.

Sadly, like the Roman empire, America’s days appear to be numbered.

Each listing will also contain pricing information for both incalls and outcalls in the Birmingham area.70 percent of all Americans are on at least one prescription drug.And 20 percent of all Americans are on at least five prescription drugs.America has the highest percentage of one person households.

There are 747,408 registered sex offenders in the U. Americans spend more money on elections than anyone else does in the world by a wide margin More is spent on prescription drug advertising in America than anywhere else in the world.As a New Zealander I’m aware that NZ has a lot of bad stats too.

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