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31-May-2019 16:27

It’s a strange, fascinating, and slightly horrifying story that deserves to be told while it is still fresh in my mind, so here we go.” In her post, Fowler Rigetti claims she endured multiple instances of sexual harassment and had her complaints ignored or downplayed by human resources and her managers.

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"We are just happy to get him off the streets, and it was nice that everything came together and the system worked well," Moore said.

Under Uber's stepped-up efforts, team members receive training on how to respond to sexual assault and harassment from experts in the field, including letting a caller talk without interruption, coaching employees how to ask questions that aren't judgmental, and offering resources to victims such as law enforcement information and a national crisis hotline phone number.

In addition, drivers and passengers will get messages via Uber's app referring them to information on how to intervene peacefully as a bystander and how to spot signs of trouble.

"I suspect the motivation is not all purity of heart, for sure," added Emily Martin, general counsel for the National Women's Law Center.

"But that doesn't mean complicated motivations can't result in good work." Martin said Raliance is well-respected among prevention programs, and its advice to Uber about how to handle complaints seems to be on target.

Kristen Houser, spokeswoman for Raliance, said it is in the early stages of its work with Uber, but it sees the company's app as a way to get messages to millions of people about prevention, including resources for victims and how people can set standards for acceptable .