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Dick’s “The Man in the High Castle”—a recluse trying to reset the course of history.In many ways, the Embassy has become a surreal redoubt: a place of extreme seclusion in the center of a bustling world capital; a protective stronghold that few can enter, even though it is the target of millions of dollars’ worth of covert surveillance.“At one point, he was looking for an orthopedic doctor, and doctors were basically refusing to go in there,” Ben Griffin, a former British Special Forces soldier who volunteers as his personal trainer, told me.As a precaution, Ecuador tried to negotiate a “safe passage” by which Assange could be admitted to a hospital without compromising his diplomatic protections, but the negotiations fell through.Most visitors—even celebrity friends, like PJ Harvey and Brian Eno—meet Assange only here. I extended my right hand to shake his, and he responded by giving me his left hand, palm up, redefining the exchange on his terms.Like the rest of the Embassy, the room is small, and the windows are cloaked with drapes. On the way out, he flipped some switches on a tiny black box, and the orbs above filled the room with white noise. He was once rail thin, but, at forty-six, he is softening in the middle.

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Assange has a fractured tooth, and a shoulder injury that requires an MRI, but if he leaves the Embassy for treatment he will face certain arrest.

The Ecuadorian Embassy in London is situated at the end of a wide brick lane, next to the Harrods department store, in Knightsbridge.

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