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I bared myself for a brief scene in front of hundreds of people every night. "My drama coach in high school used to rave about your work after he saw your previous production. Anyway, when I turned 18, I begged my parents to buy me two tickets to your latest show. My parents are immigrants and they barely spoke English at the time, so they thought I was crazy for paying all that money for Broadway tickets, when I can just watch tv at home for free." "And when you purchased the tickets with their money, did you agree with your parents that you were indeed crazy? The director thought it was a cool idea, as long as the vibrator was quiet enough. "Do you think we can pull that off on set tomorrow? It would look so realistic." "Are you sure you'd be willing to do that? I love your script and all the scenes we've shot so far. " "Whatever you can do, I can do." "In that case, we can do it discreetly." "Which begs the question," Alejandra said. That is, if you're interested in using mine for tomorrow morning. We'll be sharing spiritual energy that way." "Was that a joke? As a yoga practitioner, I study the importance of energy flow." Catherine playfully scoffed. *** Once they returned to Catherine's messy room, the mood between them had changed.So I know what it's like as a woman taking off her clothes for the sake of art. Surely there are much much better things for an 18 year old girl to spend her money on." "Nope," Alejandra shook her head and smiled. So I stereotypically got a part time job as a waitress at my dad's Cuban restaurant, and I took professional acting classes late at night." Catherine smiled proudly. "I used a small vibrator underneath the bed sheet." "Oh my. Now keep in mind, Broadway shows are very low budget, so it wasn't like I had an assistant or anything. I can't ruin this movie with any sort of bad acting." Catherine agreed. The thought of sharing a vibrator seems kind of gross, but somehow, I doubt you'd mind." Alejandra smiled. They were like two women who came back from a night of drinks and the party was still ongoing.In which case, people will wonder where you got that vibrator and things would lead back to me." "First of all, if anyone found out, I'll just say that it's mine. I don't want my film sets to have a reputation for using real sex acts. And by that I mean, when I saw it in the movie theater, I heard guys adjusting their pants and women crossing their legs." "That was all in the name of art," Catherine blushed. I like showing the reality of life in each performance piece." "Just like your old theater performances," Alejandra smirked. People will say I'm a pornographer." Alejandra gave a playful 'are you kidding me? "I mean, my legs were spread underneath the blanket, my tits were out, and both hands clasped onto the bed sheet. And I must say, the demonic possession face, I totally nailed that.

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I was hoping you'd give me some acting advice or something, before I make a fool of myself on set. It was nice being acknowledged and remembered, especially from someone in Alejandra's generation. Oh well, I'll keep on rehearsing that, and hopefully we nail that scene tomorrow." "Unless..." Catherine's voice trailed off. In fact, I regret this already." "Let me guess," Alejandra said with a wicked expression. And people are shy about their masturbation habits. As an acclaimed director, your instincts must be trusted and followed.Sexting has been promoted further by several direct messaging applications that are available on smartphones.