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Patients with diagnosed or suspect tracheal collapse are left intubated as long as possible to help allow inflammation to dissipate and to allow an open airway while recovering. In a multi-institutional British study, healthy dogs were found to be at .05% risk for death during anesthesia.The mortality rates for healthy cats were at 0.1%, while sick cats and dogs have a mortality rate of 1.3% According to Kushner, anesthesia should be reconsidered if the risks of giving your pet anesthesia outweighs the benefit your pet will get from the procedure, and if your pet has heart, airway, tracheal or pulmonary disease or needs any type of longer procedure or surgery, she recommends seeking out a specialty practice with an anesthesiologist on staff.Kushner also recommends general anesthesia for dental issues to protect your pet’s airway and help with breathing as tartar is removed from the teeth.Puppies and kittens older than three months can be sedated or anesthetized, but they may not respond to drugs as well because their organs aren’t yet functioning at full capacity.Dogs with a history of tracheal collapse, like Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers and Pomeranians, are also at a higher risk.In cases of tracheal collapse, owners need to be aware that their pet will likely cough more frequently over the next week after intubation.If your pet has gained or lost a few pounds, your vet may need to adjust the recommended drug dosage and tailor it to your pet’s individual body weight, which can be a delicate balance.

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Conversely, an older pets’ organs may not be fully functioning, and anesthesia can further alter that function.

Multiple attempts to properly insert the tube could lead to trauma of the airway.

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