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Fitzpatrick found a number of people whose DNA matched up with Lori Ruff’s, but most of them were distant cousins. Just one person came up as a first cousin: a man named Michael Cassidy.

There were no other details, just a name, and there are probably thousands of people by that name in the United States. Contacting him via the genealogy sites drew no response. The Ruffs, along with Fitzpatrick and Velling, had reached a dead end.

Cassidy said there were rides on fire engines and a magnificent hand-built playhouse in the backyard.

There were family vacations and day trips and family dinners every night.

The young woman had fled abruptly, leaving no clue. When they broke open a strongbox she left behind, they learned that she was not who she claimed. All their digging through the fake IDs and documents she'd locked away turned up nothing. The SSA investigates identity theft, and Lori Ruff clearly had stolen someone else’s identity — that of Becky Sue Turner, a 2-year-old girl from Pierce County, Wash., who had died in a fire decades earlier.

An aide to a Texas congressman had asked Velling to look into the case, after being contacted by the Ruff family.

“Suddenly, I had Lori’s extended family in front of me,” Fitzpatrick realized. He was just a retired government employee, after all.

Deanne met a man named Robert Becker, remarried and moved the girls to Wyncote where Kimberly Mc Lean attended Bishop Mc Devitt High School.If the daughter provided a DNA sample, there was a way to subtract Blake Ruff’s DNA profile from the daughter’s, leaving what is essentially his wife’s.