Sasieni pipe dating

08-Mar-2019 09:35

This is a mixture that is medium in strength and definately FULL of flavor.There are many nuances - burning hardwood, old leather, musty books and faint hints of exotic spices - this is one of the most rewarding smokes for an inveterate English lover like myself.The first match raises a small crown and brings up a dusky sweetness which transmutes almost immediately into a full nutty taste and a semi-sweet aroma which mirrors that in the pouch.A few puffs and a light tamp later a re-light tames the sweetness even more and the smoke becomes reminiscent of burning autumn leaves (which I miss sorely since the Environmental Protection Agency banned the practice) and distant fireplaces in a cool autumn evening.

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The flavor changes very little as the bowl is smoked, only increasing slightly in heaviness and sharpness.Denoument: The end is approaching and there is still no sign of sour, bitter or ashy taste.