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It was a good experience for me because I got the chance to practice singing and playing new material that I had composed Falling outside the boundaries of mainstream pop or rock, Nianell's music is difficult to categorise.There are elements of folk, pop, R&B, country, classical and even Celtic, all fused into her own personal and unique style that has made her one of the most exciting artists in the world of music today."I have always had an open ear, and mind, for music from other countries, and I love composing in different styles.

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Leandie has helped over 1,000 couples in crisis to overcome their physical and relationship-based issues, and is passionate about her holistic approach to therapy which incorporates an individual’s physical environment, mental health, physical health, emotional health and sexual health.

When you listen to it, its like taking a trip to your inner soul." Most of her songs have a strong sense of spirituality without the paraphernalia of pop religion and this can be heard to great effect on her new album.

"Angel tongue" is a remarkable record, continuing the diverse musical journey started on "Who painted the moon" ; from the R&B/Pop inflected groove of the first single"Life" (currently playlisted on every station) through the country tinged heartache of "Running so long" and "A real strong man", to the inspirational "We'll find a way" ,it's clear to the listener that Nianell has raised the bar more than a few notches.

Nianell feels " for the first time, in the recording studio, I have been able to really sing the songs in the way that I wrote them, with no boundries".

Other highlights include the achingly beautiful "How many times" which explores the complexities of both love and the human psyche and the stomping blues shouter "Monday", recorded live on tour.Formerly a police hostage negotiator for the SAPS, Leandie realised that a lack of relationship skills, and a breakdown in communication between loved ones were the root cause of the majority of cases she dealt with.

Chronic jaw pain or painful thoughts light up those pathways just like the infamous addictive drugs do.… continue reading »

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Gratis datingsite oekraine het (basis)onderwijs steeds prestatiegerichter wordt, .… continue reading »

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