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Ask your five questions in your own style and words.

They don't have to be asked, literally, as written or all during your first meeting.

Their answers will reveal if they're likely to satisfy the most basic needs you have in a romantic relationship. They are based on the unique character, traits and needs of your Sun sign, which give insights into your romantic, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, economic and sexual needs.

How To Use These Questions Find your sign among the 12 shown.

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Of course, there's no fool-proof way to be sure that someone who romantically interests you will turn out to be the love of your life.

What you learn in your conversation will help you decide whether this is someone you would enjoy dating and having a relationship. Are you curious to learn more about what your personal astrology says about your love relationships?

If you're a man, here are the questions you should ask before you say, "yes" to a date. Are you a high-energy person who enjoys doing lots of activities? Are you comfortable going out with an independent man who needs a lot of space? Can you handle being with a man who can be passionate one second and have a hot temper the next? Are you comfortable giving and receiving a lot of affection? Are you Ok with dating a man who needs a lot of attention and wants to be considered a priority in your life? Are you a dependable person, who I can count on to do what you say and keep your commitments? Do you enjoy the finer pleasures of life like good food, great music, dressing well, and hot passionate sex? Would a man who's not flashy, but very practical and down-to-earth appeal to you? Would you prefer a man who buys you a single, high-priced piece of jewelry or a dozen little trinkets? Are you ready to settle down in a long-term, lasting relationship? When it comes to life: would you prefer to talk about it or do it? Would a man like me who is restless and changeable and likes to do 7 things at once, drive you nuts? Are you someone who's sexually curious and willing to experiment? Do you like having a routine or would you prefer having a variety of new activities that might be different everyday? Do you enjoy talking, reading and learning and using your mind? Are you more interested in telling a person how you feel or what you think? How would you handle a man who can be very sensitive, moody and who's feelings can get easily hurt? Are you someone who's sentimental and enjoys remembering the great times from the past or do you mainly focus on the future? Have you ever been devastated by a love relationship where you felt betrayed by the other person? Does the idea of being with an extremely sensitive and feeling man appeal to you? When you're in love with a man, how do you make him feel special like he was a king? What are the ways that you like to have fun and socialize? How would react to a man who is strong, flamboyant, tends to be a bit dramatic and likes to be the center of attention? Do you consider yourself a very affectionate and passionate lover? When you're in love are you more the cautious type or someone dives into it with great passionate and intensity? How would react to a man who tends to be private, practical, organized and likes to work? Do you consider yourself self-critical and a bit of a perfectionist or someone who's very accepting of herself and the way things are? Do you enjoy being busy and having lots of activity going on or would you prefer living life at a more relaxed pace? Are you someone who appreciates a man who might not be too affectionate in public, but can be very earthy and passionate behind closed doors? When it comes to romance, I'm move slowly and need time to feel comfortable expressing my emotional needs; do you have the patience to get to know me and win my trust? Do you enjoy lots of socializing whether it's attending cultural events, theatre and parties or would you prefer just staying at home reading a book and hanging out? Do you enjoy discussing the topic of human psychology and the interesting ways people behave? Do you consider yourself a sensuous woman; if so what are the ways that you show it to a man you're in love with? Would you prefer a man who's more classy and refined or one who's more earthy and down-to-earth? Would you prefer a relationship where you spend lots of time together or one where you have lots of time to yourself? Are you comfortable being with an intensely sensitive man who will never allow a woman to dominate him? Would you find it upsetting if you had a relationship with a man who was fiercely loyal to you but still had his own secrets that he couldn't share? Do your relationships tend to be more casual and relaxed or more passionate and intense? Have you ever been devastated by a love relationship where you felt betrayed to the point where you wanted vengeance for the pain you suffered? Can you handle being with a sexually very passionate man who can be jealous, even possessive in his relationship with you? Can you handle an independent, free-spirited man who needs a great deal of freedom in a relationship? Is having a great sense of humor and being intellectually stimulated - important to you? Do you enjoy activities such as philosophical discussions, travel, sports or just being outdoors? For some, love is a grand adventure, what does being in love mean to you? Would you be comfortable being with a man who is casual about love and romance and takes a long time to be in a committed relationship? Would it be a turn on or a turn off if you knew I was ambitious and put a lot of value on success, money and status? Are you comfortable having a relationship with a man who wants to put a great deal of energy into building his career and becoming someone of authority? If you were in a relationship with me, would you be willing to make my career a priority over yours? Are you more attracted to men who are very liberal or very conservative? Are you ok with a man who is not overly affectionate in public but is a very earthy, passionate lover behind closed doors? I make a romantic connection to someone through my attraction to their mind; how do you make a romantic connection? If so, your astrological transits will tell you how likely you are to find a romance this year.

For those of you who don’t know, Pink Firefly is my OLTR / fiancé who is soon moving in with me under an OLTR marriage, something I’ve been talking about wanting to do for around seven years now. If you want to read the most recent update I made about this relationship, read this article.

She’s free to answer any questions she receives from you.Over and over again, I see single mom and single dad clients leap headlong into a new relationship — even move in with someone — only to face a disastrous breakup a short while afterward.

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