Pundalik nayak dating

13-May-2019 05:36

One fine morning, my friend Gulgulo invited me for a coffee and panchadik (chitchat).

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Probably Konkani is the only language with a voluminous vocabulary specially constructed for toddler’s use only.

Photographer focused on all events very well and was busy doing chikupuku with his flash. In the kitchen, helpers were busy barbari (liberally) cutting vegetables into desired pieces.

At the final stage, the pha Tpha T sound of mustard seasoning and the rising aroma welcomed everyone to the dining hall.

The youngsters were eager to serve food on plantain leaves for those seated on the floor in the traditional way.

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The elders were instructing the boys “Don’t serve Bhasa-bhasa (too much), serve yede-yede (small quantities) only, serve more only if asked for”. In the afternoon, mirimiri (tingling) spice tea and chowchow (mixture) was served before it is time to say bye-bye which was followed by a concluding session drenched with ba Lba Li (flowing) tears.But the bride appeared quite cheerful, had a doublewide smile while walking away comfortably with her husband and in-laws. Gulgulo was busy with baabbaak nunnu, kokko, mammam etc.(feeding milk, rice, eatables to Amma NNu the baby), cleaning up the jijji (mess).

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