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02-Aug-2019 13:11

Unlike its functionality and design, the content of a website can be changed quickly and easily.Anyone with a CMS login and an idea has the keys to the castle. You sit back and look at your work; it’s pristine, perfect.Pre-defined change management processes protect the integrity of the content and the sanity of the content team.Many websites or applications are designed to have content that changes constantly.As a result, there’s often a big rush to create content right before launch, which leads to irritated stakeholders, sub-par content, and a promise to “fix it all later." (Hint: It almost never gets fixed.) Avoid falling into this trap.Content needs to be considered during the strategy phase of the project.

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For a traditional website, creating one page of content takes an average of 6-8 hours (with approvals and revisions).

Some pages take less time and some take much, much longer.

So, for example, if you have 75 pages to create, you can estimate around 525 hours of work. In many cases, it’s better to launch with less quantity and more quality.

There are times when something happens that nobody expected—natural disasters, a social media uproar, or a new mind-blowing product from a competitor.

In these cases, the organization needs to react quickly.

Things move quickly online, and content needs to change frequently to stay relevant.

You update the passive server first, fail over to the passive server (which becomes active), and then update the formerly active (now passive) server.… continue reading »

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