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~ ~ The story of Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang is firmly placed in the history of Australia.To a very large number of Australians, Ned Kelly is regarded as a folk hero, and the exploits of the Kelly Gang are increasingly attracting world attention.did you know Mc Intyre and Lonigan were believed to have been set up as decoys to lure the Kellys out?did you know Kennedy and Scanlan were not going to share the rewards with theother two officersif they were not present at the arrest?did you know Mc Intyre wasnot harmed as Ned said he would not do so, - but Mc Intyre changed his story 3 timesin defence of the police actions out of loyalty, yet the police themselvespersecuted Const Mc Intyre.these stories and more can be read at 'Two Huts at Stringybark Creek' story 7 did you know that because Ned Kelly was declared anoutlaw by an act of Parliament, he legally could not be trialled for anything after that Parliament had been dissolved for an upcoming election, and the following trial for Ned Kelly was conducted illegally.

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Direct descendant of Ellen Kelly King, - Elsie Pettifer thought this photo was of her father Walter Knight, but this throws doubts for it to be Ned?

did you know that the police were in civilian clothes disguised to look like gold prospectors but were more akin to bounty hunters of the old American West. did you know Sgnt Kennedy knew where Stringybark Creek was at least 15 months before the shootout with the Kellys because he had been witness to a court hearing about a hut burning there , yet the 1881 Royal Commission into the Police force and the Kelly outbreak records he was shown where to camp at Stringybark Ck only 2 weeks before the shootout there?

did you know Sgnt Kennedy had been tipped off- knowing where the Kellys were hiding - it was no accident they were camped at Stringybark Creek.

Unfortunately however such a fringe DOES exist and no doubt will attempt to derail THIS Forum as well It will be 134 years this week since notorious bushranger Ned Kelly was hanged in a Victorian prison for the murder of police constable Thomas Lonigan.

At recent police remembrance services, Kelly has again been branded a psychopath but who, asks STEVE HODDER, were the real villains in the tale of Australian historys most famous outlaw? Shortly before her death she was interviewed by a representative of Smiths Weekly.As more and more of the Kelly story unfolds, far from being seen as an outlaw, Ned Kelly will become an Australian icon.