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Each time a player makes a delivery, three reward lamps 180 experience each are awarded. Rewards: ) and mine a fissure in the room below the quicksand to receive 20,000 Mining experience (this is affected by bonus experience) and access a secret treasure room, which contains a Scabaras mask and Was. Rewards: After Do No Evil, players with at least level 80 can enter a cavern on the cliff to the south of the Monkey colony to receive 20,000 Agility experience and access to a secret treasure room, which contains an Apmeken mask and an ankh.

Additionally, with Ava's alerter, players may find an elite clue scroll by digging in an area where the chicken starts bwucking.

Career Highlights 2017 Season Finished the Tour season with 23 starts, four top-10s and 18 cuts made. Secured his PGA TOUR card for the 2017-18 season with a 12th-place finish on the 2017 Tour Finals money list (excluding the 25).

There are a number of quests with post-quest rewards.

These rewards are not directly given on completion of the quest, but must instead be unlocked by doing something after the quest.

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These include lamps worth experience in a skill of the player's choice, a pet, and a level 85 ring. Rewards: After completing the first caper, the quest journal will say that "Urist had a nice monocle." To steal it, talk to Urist.These are often not mentioned on the update page and are found by players.