Places in islamabad for dating

13-Mar-2019 23:32

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Due to the ban on alcohol for Muslims and residents, there are very few traditional bars in town.As the alcohol can only be sold to non-Muslim tourists, having an open bar doesn’t make a lot of sense.You will see printed on most menus a statement similar to “liquor available for non-Muslim foreigners.” Even if you are from a different country, if you are a Muslim, you may not be allowed to order an alcoholic drink.If you are caught with an alcoholic beverage, you may face stiff penalties.I poured my heart out to the policemen I could get a hold of and they said that they would investigate further. I wasn’t satisfied with the response so I drove around F-6 and F-7 in an attempt to find them myself.I found a police vehicle parked on the corner of Kohsar Market, it was about 11pm then. I drove back to Kohsar Police Station and told the other policemen to call that patrol vehicle back to the police station immediately.

He took her in the ‘official Islamabad Police’ vehicle on Main Margalla Road where he kissed her and groped her for a good five minutes.

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