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Days later, Jasmine is sentenced to four years for manslaughter while Debbie gets six months after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice. She appeared in 2009 whilst Debbie was on remand accused of the murder of policeman Shane Doyle.Tanya first appears on the day Debbie goes to court to hear what she is to be prosecuted for.Will is disgusted with Nathan's lies and he and Maisie move into Holdgate Farm with Maisie's former boyfriend Nikhil Sharma, rejecting Nathan.Maisie and Ryan later tell Nathan to stay away from her and Will.

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He leaves his school, where he had few friends, and soon makes friends with Belle Dingle after meeting her in the grounds and become good friends.

Will attempts to bond with Ryan but his brother, Nathan, forbids him from doing so.

In June, Cain Dingle, Belle's half-brother, tries blackmailing the Wyldes and when Natasha refuses to pay him, Will goes missing.

Later, Theo tries to persuade Debbie to plead not guilty.

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However, Jasmine arrives in court and admits she murdered Shane.When Nathan is arrested, Will believes he is Mark's killer and tells him that he hates him but Nathan convinces him of his innocence.