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In Europe during this period, there was little progress in improving the science of mapping and geography.As most maps were produced within monasteries, religious zeal tended to dominate mapping.As a result, maps have become absolutely critical to most fields of human endeavour. In particular, it uses a known projection which is able to be described by its title ‘Oblique Mercator Projection'.It incorporates the features which maps through the ages have focused on – describing the landscape – in this case the location and names of places, rivers etc and the coastline.The decoration often included angels and imaginary monsters.In the Islamic world, the study of the science of mapping and geography did progress.It is essentially a European view and it needs to be emphasised that this development was not evenly spread across the Earth.

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In fact, nearly 8 out of 10 of people research a company online before visiting a small business or making a purchase with them.In the late-1700s maps which showed a theme started to emerge.These were used to record the spread of a particular ‘event’ – for instance, the location of people who had a contagious illness or the extent of a flood.An excellent example of this is the work of Al-Idrisi, an Arab scholar in the court of King Roger II of Sicily.

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In the period around 1154 he produced a number of outstanding ‘world’ maps and geographic books.

This is a brief outline of the sequences in the development of the science of map making.