Nstextfield not updating

08-Jul-2019 20:02

In this fragment we create a form with two select elements using Spring MVC’s tags. The form:select tag does not enable our desired cascading behavior.

When rendered (inspect the running page with Firebug or look at the source in the browser) you will see a plain old HTML select element.

I have dozens of these fields and I want to use the same method to do the calculations, as I want a uniform UI, and I also plan to improve this method considerably in the future. But the problem is although the value is sent back to the NSText Field correctly, the corresponding value in the selected row in the NSTable View is not, instead the mathematical calculation is stored.

For example If I enter 2 2, the NSText Field changes to 4, but the NSArray is sticking with 2 2. Browser: Safari 531.22.7Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6) If I understood correctly what DJ said in this other post

If you wanted to use a text field for a different property, you could just use a different action or a different binding, without modifying the custom text field code.That means Spring does nothing to help you link one HTML select element to another.Or put in a better way, Spring does not get in your way.If you’ve used Struts 1 you are familiar with the tag soup with which you pollute your JSPs.

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There are only a handful of spring specific tags which focus on Spring specific functionality.Welcome to Mac Help where discuss anything Apple related or seek expert tech support.