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Mindbender features shorter trains, with three pilot cars, whereas Dreier Looping usually ran with five trailer cars and one pilot car, occasionally rising to seven-car trains at busy funfairs.The ride's layout features many twisting drops, three vertical loops and a double upward helix finale.The aforementioned process happens yet again, but the height of the coaster is decreased and the next loop is a single one.Upon completing the final loop, the coaster train shoots along a two-layered upward before running behind the Galaxy Quest 7D theater and into the exit/entry area.This increase in speed is not permitted during public rides, as the forces on the riders becomes severe.During testing of the renovated trains in 1987, the maximum g-force of a normal run was measured on equipment bolted into the train at 5.5 G's, which occurs in the second loop.The lap bar restraint was retained, but seat belts and shoulder headrests were added.

After boarding the Mindbender, riders put on their seatbelt and lap restraints.

It was inspired by this team's previous design, Dreier Looping, a portable coaster that travelled the German funfair circuit, before being sold to a succession of amusement parks in Malaysia, Great Britain, and most recently, Mexico.

Mindbender is a pseudo mirror-image of Dreier Looping, and is slightly taller, with additional helices at the end of the ride.

The ride twists underneath, in between and around its supports.

It also goes underneath the former UFO Maze attraction, which has been removed to make way for another roller coaster; Gerstlauer's Galaxy Orbiter, during the helix. And this is a complete insult after which you can no longer see her.