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Ferdowsi records that Legendary King Feridoon, founder of the first Iranian empire, had his three sons married to the three daughters of the king of Yemen.

The marriages were intended to form a cohesive family between the Yemeni and Iranian royal families and thereby between the peoples of the two lands.

On this island water is an article of price; it has water-springs and artificial cisterns in which rain-water is collected, at some distance from the city. Major, ed., India in the Fifteenth Century, London, 1857, Part 1, pp. 1472 states that despite high custom's duties, Hormuz was "a vast emporium where there were peoples and goods of every description from all parts of the world," although with high customs duties (Major; Nikitine, p. At the time of the arrival of the foreign merchants, it (Hormuz) afforded a more splendid and agreeable scene than any city in the East.

The inhabitants go there with water-skins, which they fill and carry on their backs to the sea (shore), load them on boats, and bring them to the city." 'Abd-al-Razzāq Samarqandi, who was in Hormuz in 1442, found it a major emporium, frequented by the merchants from Egypt, Syria, Anatolia, all Persian provinces, Turkestan, southern Russia, China, Java, Bengal, Tenasserim, Shahr-e nao (i.e., Thailand), Socotra, Bijapur, the Maldives, Malabar, Abyssinia, Zanzibar, Vijayanagar, Golbarga, Gujarat, Cambay, Arabia, Aden, Jedda, and Yemen. Persons from all parts of the globe exchanged their commodities and transacted their business with an air of politeness and attention, which are seldom seen in other places of trade.

Camels laden with water were stationed in the public squares.

Persian wines, perfumes, and all the delicacies of the table were furnished in great abundance, and they had the music of the East in its highest perfection …

It is in this city that the sultan resides, and the island in which it is situated is a day's march in size.

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1747 stylized map of Hormuz Island and New Hormuz City in Johann Caspar Arkstee and Henricus Merkus'Allgemeine Historie der Reisen zu Wasser und Lande, oder Sammlung aller Reisebeschreibungen, Leipzig.

However, legends that feature princes and princesses are not necessarily about the royalty they speak about.