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It is not legal to charge a non-refundable move-in fee in some jurisdictions.

A couple of caveats about move-in fees: Some states allow landlords to charge additional deposits and fees related to the application and move-in costs, or for tenants who pose a greater risk than others for causing damage to their property.

Restrictions imposed by these laws often include: Landlord-tenant laws are often non-negotiable.

While you and your landlord may have some leeway in negotiating the terms of your lease, there may be certain aspects of landlord-tenant laws in your area that cannot be abridged or waived, even by mutual consent.

But if you understand your rights as a tenant, take good care of your home, and follow up with your landlord after you move, you can keep your security deposit safe.

To help you out, I want to delve into 7 important areas of security deposits that you need to understand.

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Some may have this policy because they’ve been burned in the past by unreliable tenants.Request an itemized receipt from your landlord for all fees paid for your records.Take any measures necessary to protect your security deposit, including taking care of your rental home as if it belonged to you and making it clear to the landlord what damages existed before you moved in.You can find information on the rental laws in your state by visiting the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) website.

On the State Information page, click on your state’s name to go to a page about HUD activities in your state.As another example, some landlords will also ask for an additional deposit if you have an aquarium or a water bed, out of concern that they could leak and cause water damage to the apartment building’s floors and ceilings.