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Now he logs onto a website to check their activity, captured via cellular connection, and remotely monitors their medication.He sees the number of times Mom opens the refrigerator, and when Dad goes into the bathroom or heads out the door.If she doesn't, she gets a call, and a family member receives an email, text or call.The system helped Reeves' father-in-law take his medications on time, and his health improved dramatically.

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The dispenser flashes (if locked, it unlocks) when it's pill time, then beeps if the medicine's not taken. A prerecorded voice from, say, a grandchild, reminds Grandma to take them.

Many older people need multiple medications multiple times a day; a memory issue compounds the task.

What it is: A digital pill dispenser that looks like a regular seven-day model.

One type is locked until it's time for medication; the other is unlocked.

How it works: A caregiver fills the medicine tray that goes into the device."While Medicaid may reimburse for some aging-in-place technologies, Medicare, unfortunately, does not," says Majd Alwan, executive director of the nonprofit Leading Age Center for Aging Services Technologies.

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