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31-Jul-2019 09:40

According to website, the most common origin of these scams are West African countries, mainly Nigeria and is referred to as Nigerian Romance Scams. In my eyes, the world is full of beautiful things and I love the world as I love my life.

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The fraudsters rapidly detect the vulnerabilities of other users and exploit the fact that they might be lonesome or gullible. Scammers can work individually but also in group, and they are commonly people whom practice other forms of fraud, this type of fraud is merely another branch of thievery and organised crime. And I have many hobbies, such as travelling, singing, dance, reading, sports and so on.Also in the same article, Sally Greenberg Executive Director, of the National Consumers League gives advice on how to recognise the hustler when she is coming your way, most primarily Greenberg stresses that such fraudsters are very patient and will most commonly be the ones to initiate contact with you.