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06-Mar-2019 02:45

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Now, Brenna has focused on loose skin and accepting it.

While she doesn’t judge anyone who chooses this path, Brenna wrote in her January 30th post that she will not be getting cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of her stomach — not only because of financial limitations, but because of how it would impact her emotionally as well. 🚫 Not only do I not have the finances to chance this part of my body, I don't have the emotionality to change it.

To actually undergo the surgery I've researched and phoned in about so many times, I can't do it.

❌ I don't blame others for going through it, it's just not something that I can do.

If could all just embrace the squish a little more maybe we wouldn't be as rigid to ourselves and to others.

#selflovebootcamp #selfloveisthebestlove #beyourownhero #beautybeyondsize 💞💞💞💞💞 A post shared by K E N Z I E ⚡️ B R E N N A (@omgkenzieee) on "Yes it'll feel wrong to embrace. Yes there will be moments where you're not fucking good at accepting yourself.

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After all, what's the alternative - tell this poor man that his incredible achievement has left him (in your words) "grossly unattractive". I'm sure that he's aware of his physical imperfections post excessive weight loss, and in time if it bothers him will seek help. Apparently its quite difficult getting this surgery to remove excess skin on the NHS.

Okay do you know how bad that is and how terrible the produce is when out of season??? "You're only allowed to live yourself if you live up to MY health standards" it's pretty bs.

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