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Tatyana Shchelkanova of the Soviet Union dented the record books three times, first leaping 6.48/21-3 into a 1.5 mps wind just 23 days after Claus set her second mark, and then topping out at 6.70/21-11¾ in July 1964.Great Britain’s Mary Rand then become the second woman to set a world record at the Olympics, passing the 22-foot mark and reaching 6.76/22-2 in Tokyo in 1964.The versatile Hitomi – who at various times owned world records in the triple jump, the javelin throw, plus the 100-, 200- and 400-meter runs – set her final long jump mark at a Japanese Olympic qualifying event in 1928, although the women’s long jump itself wasn’t part of that year’s Olympics.Hitomi’s last mark stood for 11 years, until Christel Schultz of Germany soared past the 6-meter and 20-foot barriers, reaching 6.12/20-¾ in 1939.The photograph of Beamon's jump is one of the most celebrated in all sport, not least for the look of astonishment on his face. Nine months later Neil Armstrong made his giant leap for mankind.

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Mexico City's thin air added an inch or two to Beamon's jump, the tailwind, right on the legal limit, a few more.In case of men this means a free-fall of almost 3 seconds and similarly to cliff diving competitors (both men and women) need to reach water by their feet.