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Sami is known for her rivalry with Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) Di Lauro said Sami's most "diabolical plot" was drugging Austin to have sex with her, which was "the start of an elaborate scheme" where she ended up pregnant and named Austin as the father, although Lucas was the actual father.A bitter custody battle ensued between Lucas and Sami, who had a "love/hate" relationship over the years.Of the pairing, Sweeney said "their past is such a deep relationship and ultimately a friendship and a trust that they have with each other." This led to a sham wedding between EJ and Sami, in exchange for the Di Meras ending the fifty-year family feud between the Brady family.Although she initially hated him, the couple ended up in a "night of passion" resulting in another pregnancy.Originally characterized as the iron-willed daughter of Dr.Marlena Evans, Sami was transformed by writer James E.Reilly in the summer of 1994, converting the character from a stubborn moody teenager to a "conniving bitch", having her kidnap her baby sister, Belle and break up supercouple Carrie Brady and Austin Reed, including blackmail Nicole Walker and Lexie Carver on numerous incidents.However, as ratings declined in the mid-2000s, Sami's storylines proved to be "worn out" and in 2006, new Days head writers Hogan Sheffer and Meg Kelly converted to the character to a heroine by pairing her with EJ Di Mera and later Rafe Hernandez.

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A feud between the Brady family and the powerful Di Mera family puts the infants in danger. Will signs away his rights to avoid being prosecuted, and Sami is devastated. Sami visits Rafe while in the hospital, and while there, sees a man come in with a knife about to kill Rafe. Sweeney has also won seven Soap Opera Digest Awards, including three wins for "Outstanding Villainess" in 1996, 19.I love my job, I love the people I work with and I love Sami." In January 2014, Sweeney announced she will quit the series after 21 years.