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that combines the evidence-based practices of Peer Support and Psychiatric Rehabilitation and the emerging best practices of Self-Directed Care and Life Coaching into an integrated skill and support strategy to help people build networks of friends and intimate relationships.

Success in this area has proven to be a major breakthrough for some of the most isolated, misunderstood members of our communities.

The camera notes the arrival time and intensity of each photon of light to build a three dimensional picture of what it can’t actually see.

It takes several passes of the scene to build a full picture.

It could also be used for avoiding car collisions at blind corners, for machine vision, and for inspecting industrial objects with hidden surfaces.

It could have similar biomedical imaging applications by allowing doctors to use endoscopes to view areas inside the body that are normally hidden.

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For more information about this program, please contact Patrick Hendry, Vice President of Peer Advocacy, Supports, and Services, at [email protected]

Class of 2017 is a 2017 Hindi web series, created and produced by Vikas Gupta for Ekta Kapoor's video on demand platform ALTBalaji.

The web series revolves around the lives of few teenagers who get intertwined with drugs, sex, peer pressure and anxiety.

The researchers say the technology isn’t just for super-spies, it can also have more mundane applications.

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For instance, it could be used for search and rescue missions to search for survivors in a collapsed building or a building on fire.

“It’s like having x-ray vision without the x-rays,” said Professor Ramesh Raskar, head of the Camera Culture group at the MIT Media Lab and one of the team behind the system.

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