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Sheffield is in fact one of the greenest cities in the UK, with oases of tranquility like Sheffield's Winter Garden in the centre, and beauteous areas in the outskirts like Beauchief Abbey, Cannon Hall, and the 19th century Botanical Gardens.When it comes to the arts and music though, Sheffield boasts an incredibly rich heritage.This chapter is a case study of the museum focusing on the authentic learning environment that developed as the DST programme evolved. Viking re-enactment– In Chapter 4 we meet many different participants such as archaeology students, tradespeople, re-enactors, horseback riders, archers and many more who are all partaking in the same Viking market at Moesgaard Museum, Denmark.The purpose of this chapter is to present Moesgaard Viking Moot as a participatory local heritage event with a diverse range of spectators and participants.

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Craig Harkema, Digital Projects Librarian, University Library, University of Saskatchewan, Canada Peter Insole, Principal Historic Environment Officer at Bristol City Council and Research Associate, University of Bristol, UK Thessa Jensen, Associate Professor, In Di Media – Centre for Interactive Digital Media and Experience Design, Aalborg University, Denmark Lars Konzack, Associate Professor, Royal School of Library and Information Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Noah Lenstra, Assistant Professor, Library and Information Studies, University of North Carolina – Greensboro, USA Shannon Lucky, Assistant Librarian in Library Systems and Information Technology, University of Saskatchewan, Canada Krystyna K.In short, the Yorkshire city is crammed with creative pursuits, clubnights, gigs, bars, theatre, and plenty more.