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14-May-2019 23:41

Service Transfer Request 0x293 0xffffc583707ff528 : 0xfffff803d2380a3e : nt!

Ke Query Unbiased Interrupt Time Precise 0x6e 0xffffc583707ff548 : 0xfffff806b9933fb7 : CLASSPNP!

You should also check that your hard disk is not failing, I recommend you run an error scan on each drive with HDTune.

If you are unsure what the error scan results mean, post screen-shots of them here.

Raidp Adapter Continue Scatter Gather 0xffffc583707fef08 : 0xfffff806b7407b4b : storport!

Raid Start Io Packet 0x3db 0xffffc583707feff8 : 0xfffff806b74074bc : storport!

kaspersky not updating-18

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Iof Call Driver 0x59 0xffffc583707ff4c8 : 0xfffff806b9934193 : CLASSPNP!Service Transfer Request 0x293 0xffffc583707fec78 : 0xfffff806b9933fb7 : CLASSPNP!