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22-Aug-2019 13:28

Even when I felt I had passed the racial preference test, there were times where I would get down to the "you should message me if" profile section and see that someone actually went out of their way to specify what TYPE of black girl they would date.Whether it was a simple "no weaves" or "I prefer lighter skin tones" the message was not subtle. I was offended, but I had to realize that I didn't want to date someone who needed to be told that just because they had not found a black female like me attractive before, for whatever reason, didn't mean they never would.During the summers in my tween years, I would pile on several layers of SPF and avoid the sun as if vitamin D was a poison that would inevitably kill me.While my classmates laid out in the sun, desperately trying to bronze their bodies, I found myself trying to do the opposite.I had never been too shy to make the first move and, since there is nothing to lose with online dating, I wasn't shy about messaging more boys more often. But then I began reading beyond the funny "what people notice first about you" blurbs.Users could state their racial preferences in a partner, and even though you'd think people would be turned off by someone who said they only wanted to date certain races, most people included this info.

The exact racial makeup of my mother's side of the family cannot be effectively traced due to slavery.

But, though colorism is one of the worst types of discrimination, it in itself does not discriminate.

It exists everywhere, in all cultures, and in all races.

Media outlets have long been accused of using Photoshop to lighten darker-skinned folks in order to make them more appealing to the masses.

During Obama's first run for president, sources audaciously pointed out that our first black president was a light-skinned man, suggesting that he may not have been elected or had the same opportunities to be elected if he were darker-skinned.It seemed that colorism was everywhere and it made me incredibly paranoid.