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05-May-2019 20:57

A new analysis prepared for the National Center for Policy Analysis by the actuarial firm Milliman & Robertson estimates the costs of 12 of the most common mandates and finds that, collectively, they can increase the cost of insurance by as much as 30 percent. Although there were only seven state-mandated benefits in 1965, there are nearly 1,000 today.While many mandates cover basic providers and services, others require coverage for such nonmedical expenses as hairpieces, treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, pastoral and marriage counseling.Recently, the federal government imposed two mandates that affect health insurance policies nationwide.

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See recent mandate news No, because birth control kills a life that has just been made. If pregnancy is treated as an illness then all forms of pre fertilization birth control should be considered preventive care and covered under the insurances preventative care policies. If a person can't afford birth control every month, do you really think that they can afford a child? Publicly funded abortion and contraception should be more widely available. Someone would have to pay for it in their premiums.

However, the federal govern-ment's new mandates - banning "drive-through" baby deliveries and requiring that any cap on mental health benefits be the same as the cap on physical health benefits - apply to all insurance.