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Premarital sex is illegal in Iran, but the peculiar Shi'ite institution of Sigha, or temporary marriage, allows Iranians to engage casual sex with official as well as clerical sanction.

Iran's Sharzad news service reported in 2014: Figures released by the Iranian National Statistics Office indicate that Sigha - temporary partnership - is on the rise, while fewer and fewer people are marrying in the conventional way.

Experts believe this is due to the prevalence of consanguineous marriages, or those between cousins.

Male infertility is "the hidden story of the Middle East," says Marcia Inhorn, a Yale University medical anthropologist and a specialist on assisted reproduction in the region. Iran's rate of cousin marriage is about 25%, lower than most of the Middle East.

This is a tentative conclusion, to be sure, because Iran's fairly primitive public health system has produced only fragmentary evidence about STD infection rates. Iranian authorities have made dire warnings about epidemic rates of STD infection.

As reported in late 2013: On World AIDS Day (December 1st), Iran's Health Minister Hassan Hashemi, announced that Iran is facing a dramatic increase in HIV diagnoses.

In 2050, 30% of its people will be over 60, the same ratio as in the United States but with a tenth of America's per capita GDP.

I see no way to avoid a social catastrophe unique in human experience.

In fact, the proportion of cousin marriages is inversely correlated with fertility, because women in the sort of traditional society that fosters cousin marriage tend to bear more children.Never before in recorded history has the birth rate of a big country fallen so fast and so far.Iran's population is aging faster than that of any other country in the world.trachomatis was 12.6% in woman in Tehran, the capital of Iran, and in another study it was 21.25% in women attending Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Isfahan, Iran. trachomatis infection in Iran, it is vitally essential to assess the impact of C. By contrast, the US Center for Disease Control reports a rate of 643 cases per 100,000 American women, or an infection rate of only 0.6%.

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Among sexually active females aged 14-19 years, the American population segment most at risk, the infection rate was 6.8%.Speaking at an AIDS-awareness conference at the Ministry of Health, Hashemi noted that over the past eleven years, AIDS cases have increased nine-fold.