Invalidating cache due to ioctl

06-Aug-2019 22:24

This tutorial is going to cover the basic steps to setup dm-cache on a Ubuntu 13.04 machine.It easily translates to other distributions, but users will need to find a sufficient kernel and modify the init scripts to fit their init system.Ubuntu upstart script to setup the device-mapper devices every time at boot and cleanly shutdown the device-mapper devices the moment the volume is unmounted using inotify: Install these files as root under /etc/init. I have backed up my old files and then copied them to my ssd-cached file system.I create symlinks from my more important file systems to this test file system. Later I’ll use dm-cache to cache my entire /home file system and won’t need symlinks. Things like file browsing (thumbnails and what not) are stored on the ssd-cached file system and are much snappier then before.Then, it also covers different buffer layouts, as far as they're a concern for the kernel, namely how tiling, swizzling, and fencing work.Part 2 covers all the different bits and pieces required to submit work to the gpu and keep track of the gpu's progress: Command submission, relocation handling, command retiring, and synchronization are the topics.Additionally, I have daily backups up all my important data.

See my old blog post for aimless babbling on the topic.

The cleaner policy will write all the dirty cached blocks back to the underlying device.