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C) Posting a death threat on a web page or hanging up an anonymous note somewhere in the school. For example, a bully might repeatedly egg on the victim by saying things like “Do you want to fight?

Meet me after school in the back alley,” knowing full well the victim has no desire for aggression.

“So it’s important to follow up on the consequences that you outlined.”Fershtman talks about bullying by senior counsel against junior lawyers as well as male lawyers against women lawyers.

As a junior lawyer, she recalled how a seasoned attorney during depositions would ask, “What school did you attend?

He or she may not have anything specifically against the victim, but loves the feelings of power and control they receive through intimidating others.

This type of bully tends to relentlessly intimidate multiple victims - anyone they feel they can gain power over.

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Your life doesn't belong to you, it belongs to me, and I shall do with it as I please with little regard for your welfare.” It's a bully's way of telling the victim: I own you. Intimidation bullying is sometimes about nothing more than the pleasure a bully gets from feeling powerful.

This form of bullying may also develop into an extortion racket, so that a bully uses intimidation to extort money (give me and I'll be nice for a week), favors (do my homework), property (intimidating a child into "giving" the bully his or her personal possessions), or personal amusement (go pull Jenny's hair and I won't beat you up after school).

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