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Rates of intermarriage vary in many ways — by race, age, gender, geography, political affiliation and education level. Among newlyweds, for example, African American men are twice as likely to marry someone of a different race than African American women — 24 percent to 12 percent.While the overall intermarriage rates have increased for blacks of each gender, the gap between genders is “long-standing,” the Pew researchers said.“We’re more likely to view Asian and Hispanic and white as intercultural marriages — they see themselves crossing a cultural barrier more so than a racial barrier,” she said.But a marriage between a black person and a white person crosses a racial color line, “a much more difficult line to cross.” The study found the rates of intermarriage and the acceptance of it can rise and fall with factors like geography and political inclination.“There’s no clear answer in my view,” said Jennifer Lee, a sociology professor at UC Irvine and an expert in immigration and race.

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that if any English woman being free shall have a bastard child by any negro or mulatto, she pay the sum of fifteen pounds sterling, within one month after such bastard child shall be born, to the Church wardens of the parish ...

The case vindicated Mildred Loving, who was black, and her white husband, Richard Loving, after the state of Virginia objected to their 1958 wedding, arrested them and sentenced them to a year in prison.

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