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13-Mar-2019 21:34

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I watched as robots won, lost and were TOTALLY DESTROYED!!!

I am thinking of using one of my animatronic Elvis Presley heads instead of the standard in Moov head. All those "Elvi" lined up in my garage is quite a site to see!

(Those of you who know me, know that I prefer life-size robots anyway.) But I did have a TOTAL BLAST! ____________________________________________________I think that the ground hog saw his shadow, so that means there will be another six weeks of winter right? Only problem is that I would only use it once a year.

And I did do some shopping and picked up some high-traction wheels for my sumo robot. (I just hope I don't glue my fingers together again! My mom lives in NJ and she says it has been snowing nearly every week this winter. Kind of like a lot of the props, uh, i mean "ROBOTS" that I have built for the Riverside Robot Expo. ) ---Now I've had this crazy thought that just won't go away.

A new engineering college, called the California Institute of Robotics will be opening soon! This college sounds like it is a college that WE WOULD WANT TO ATTEND.

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This new college, with it's emphasis on robotics, will open its doors for business in Summer of this year. It starts with robotics and artificial intelligence and goes on to animatronics and mechatronics and continues through medical and automotive robotics.According to the promo video, it is designed to land with RETRO ROCKETS, leaving parachutes and ocean landings seeming so old fashioned and so 1960s! --Thomas This is the March issue of Robots and Androids! ---At our Riverside Robotics Society, I taught our third Arduino C class. ---At our Riverside Robotics Society, I taught our second Arduino C class. If I put a scaled x-wing, a ti-fighter, a death star and two cameras, It might only cost about ,000. ____________________________________________________I hope you were all good little boy and girl robot builders and got all the robot kits, servos, microcontrollers, and 3D printers that you asked Santabot for!

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