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23-Jul-2019 11:48

Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly we use computers.Computer has become an indispensable and multipurpose tool.When the output data is meaning it is called information.Actually speaking electronic data processing does not go back more than just half a centaury i.e. In early days when our ancestor used to reside in cave the counting was a problem. When they started using stone to count their animals or the possession they never knew that this day will lead to a computer of today.As the necessity demanded, scientist started inventing better calculating device.In thus process John Napier’s of Scotland invented a calculating device, in the year 1617 called the Napier Bones.People today started following a set of procedure to perform calculation with these stones, which later led to creation of a digital counting device, which was the predecessor the first calculating device invented, was know as ABACUS.

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Hi All, I had the following ID validation done by a student programmer for a specific form page, how can I add/change this ID validation to the file so that it works on ALL other forms needing the SA ID number?National Geographic has produced an excellent series on the history of sex and sexuality.

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